The Agilis approach is designed to maximize your product’s potential.


A Systematic Framework

Agilis proprietary approach is based on more than 40 years of designing instructional materials for mission critical applications. Our systematic framework of applying scientifically proven analysis, tools, and processes to achieve results has been recognized by clients, users and industry leaders. Our framework applies rigor and structure while being flexible enough to accommodate each client’s unique needs and challenges.


Integration Maximizes Results

Certain steps in our framework produce outputs that are building blocks for the next steps.
We make sure the required outputs are completed and integrated fully with next steps as this directly impacts efficient success of the product and achieving regulatory clearance.


Agilis’ Proven Approach to Success



Human Factors Experts

The Agilis process prepares our clients to answer Regulatory’s most fundamental bottom line question: “Show us the body of evidence that provides a compelling, comprehensive and valid case that your device and IFU support safe and accurate user performance.”